Paying the price for my husband’s violence

“I was punched in the face and beaten up…I was beaten on my back with an iron rod,” Mirabai recounts her husband’s violent acts toward her.  The police did nothing to protect her.  The same night her drunken husband murdered the neighbour.  Only then did the police act.  Had they acted earlier, both Mirabai and the neighbour would have been safe.


Call to Action:  Mirabai despite being a survivor and no way connected to the killing was kicked out of her village by the residents due to her husband’s act of violence.  Call thenumber below and demand that the police provide the protection Mirabai Gameti needs to return to her village in Udaipur NOW!  She deserves justice.


Superintendent of Police, Ajay Pal Lamba, Udaipur, Tel: +91 9414353156.


VV-Correspondent Shambhuraj Tanwar reports from Bhilo Ka Bedla village, Udaipur, Rajasthan.  


Mirabai Gameti is from Bhilo Ka Bedla village and has three children.  She had come to attend a family function at her parent’s house in Delwara village.  Her drunken husband forcibly took her to her in-laws’ place in Udaipur and beat her up with an iron rod and punched her numerous times.  


That same night her mother, Sundaribai took her to the local police station to file a report.  The police didn’t take any action and sent them away.  


That night Mirabai’s husband under influence of alcohol murdered his own neighbour.  Only then did police take him under their custody.  


All the villagers of Bhilo Ka Bedla village decided to throw out Mirabai and her children due to her husband’s actions.  Despite the perpetrator of the crime now being behind bars, Laluram, Mirabai’s son explains, “The family members of that person (who was killed) want to kills us, they don’t want us to live in our house.”  


So for the past five month, Mirabai and her children have been living at her mother’s house.  When she lived in Bhilo Ka Bedla with her husband, she could work as a labourer to support the family. There is no such work near her mother’s house and Mirabai  is unable to earn a livelihood like she used to. With no money and the burden of shame of their father’s deeds, the children have had to drop out of the school.


They have tried going to the police to report this, but they have been sent away without help.


That is why they need your phone calls.  Call the Superintendent of the Police and demand that they provide safe return for Mirabai and her family to their village.  Mirabai wants to go back to her village so that she can work as a labourer and look after her children.   You are the difference.


Watch videos on domestic violence here.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu.


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