Bajrangbali Nagar needs a New Road

Residents of Bajarangbali Nagar village have been suffering with the bad roads in their village for the last couple of years.  They have told the Chief Officer countless times, but he has given them false promises of fixing the road.  They need your help to pressurise the Development Officer to build a new road for their village now.


Call of Action:Your contribution matters.


Dr. NuzhatJahan, Development Officer, Sadar Block, Munger District, Bihar, Tel: +91 9431818254


VV-Correspondent SheelaKumari reports from Bajarangbali Nagar village, Munger district, Bihar. 


Roads in this village are ina very bad condition. During the monsoon residentsget trapped in their homes because of the waterlogged roads. 


Tumni Devi explains what happens when they venture outside, “We often slip and fall down or even sprain our ankles and the things we carry on our head fall into the water. 


Children do not go to school, as it is difficult from them to pass through the water.  Theirclothes, bagsand books get wet. 


The residents have told the Chief Officer about the issue countless times.  They have told him that there is land allotted to build a road which he should utilise.  However, he has made false promises and has not builtthe road.


However you can bring them relief.  In a similar situation your active participation has helped VV-PACS Community Correspondent Shabnam Begum to improve the transport infrastructure for residents of Bhavani Village Varanasi District in the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.  Watch the impacts video here.


Your contribution will bring change.  Help the residents of Bajarangbali Nagar village get a permanent road NOW!  Call to action!


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Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu


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