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How Healthy is Indian Healthcare, Do You Know? I India Loud & Clear I EP 11

Lack of adequate infrastructure, absent health workers, poor quality of drugs and non-avalalibility of medicines,  are taking toll on India's public health system. 

This week in India Loud & Clear we will take you to the health centres and frontline workers in our rural lands. To be confronted with blood-stained beds, ghost constructions, missing doctors and underpaid health workers. Help, is there a doctor in the room?
India Loud & Clear is the weekly news show produced by Video Volunteers, the media organization by and from Community Correspondents. We bring you no breaking news, no sensation, only community voices.
Check the links below to find out more about our Community Correspondents and the stories used for this episode:
Gayatri Devi - Uttar Pradesh Maya Khodve - Maharashtra Compilation Video Volunteers - Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand
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Video produced by Video Volunteers. 
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