Health Centre Comes Alive After 2 Decades

It is ironic that we spend more money for defence expenditures and less money for health services. India, being a populous country, with a small budget can cater health benefits to only 72% of the total population. Though the Government has many structured schemes for community health and well being, often most of them do not reach the last mile. Also, with time, as the population is growing, the need and the pressure on medical facilities get more intense. 

The gap between the Government services and the beneficiaries are lessened and bridged by the organisations that work with the communities at grassroots levels. In this video, we can see a success story of a Public Health Centre that got renovated and functional with the effort of a Community worker, Ms Laxmi Kaurav. 

The Public Health Centre in Barhad village  in Bhind district, Madhya Pradesh, was non-functional for a number of years, adding to the woes of the nearby villages. The villagers had to go long distances to other Health Centres, for their treatments and getting medicines. The PHC itself was crumbling and was a den of drunkards by the night.   

Our Community Correspondent, Laxmi Kaurav took a decision to work on this issue of non functional health centre. She made three videos about the health centre and screened the film to the local community, press and medical officials. Seeing her goodwill and determination, the local newspapers carried the story and after some insistence the Block Medical Officer agreed to renovate the Health Centre. 

It took Laxmi Kaurav 5 months to do the paperworks and another 6 months to repair the building, and within a year the PHC became functional, with a regular doctor and nurses. 

The residents of the Barhad village and nearby places are grateful to Laxmi Kaurav for her sheer determination and selfless work for the community. This PHC is situated outside the village borders which is a positive point during the Covid Pandemic, as the infected patients could be treated and quarantined without coming into contact with the villagers. 

This is a notable example of personal will and determination to do good for the community. Laxmi Kaurav’s inspiring work is an example for all of us, to see the lacunas and take self responsibility to work for betterment.

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