Frontline Health Workers In Need of Basic Safety Equipment to Do COVID Duty


The Tamnar community block in Chhattisgarh's Raigad, from where or Correspondent Rajesh Gupta brings this story, has more than 800 frontline health workers. This includes 400 ASHA workers or Mitanis, 233 Anganwadi workers and 195 work as assistants to ASHAs. They have been tasked to immunise their locality against COVID-19. And yet none of them have been given as little as a mask to protect themselves.

"Some people are abusive when we go their homes for vaccination, yet we continue to work," said Digamberi Khamheri, one of the ASHA workers that Rajesh spoke to. ASHAs regularly travel between the community and health centres often exposing them to COVID-19 positive patients. Yet, no PPE kits, masks, gloves or face shields have been given to them. The frontline health workers are endangering their lives for the people and yet the local administration does not take note of it.

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