Primary Health Centre Remains Always Closed During a Pandemic | COVID-19


Our Community Correspondent Sanchita Pathak reports from the Jamduli village in Jharkhand's Dumka district, where a primary health centre remains permanently closed causing great inconvenience to the villagers.

No doctors, nurses or ASHA workers are seen at the PHC. Locals report that the centre has been closed for so long that weed has grown in the premises. The nearest government hospital is 15 kilometres away and it is not always possible for sick people, especially elderly to travel on their own so far.

As the COVID-19 scare is still lurking around, business have only partially opened making it difficult for the villagers to earn and afford the minimum fare to the nearest government hospital. This is a pathetic state of affairs and things need to be improved, especially when a global health scare is still active.

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