Dreams Broken: Domestic Worker in Delhi Mortgages Phone, Scooter to Feed Family | COVID-19


Archana is a domestic worker living in slums of New Delhi and who hasn't been at work for the past six months. The second wave brought with it a lockdown that robbed many domestic workers like Archana of their livelihood. While talking to our Community Correspondent Ashish she spoke of mortgaging her smartphone and even their scooter to buy food for her family.

There are more than 50 lakh domestic workers in the country, of which 30 lakh are women. Yet such a large workforce does not have any laws or policies governing them and looking out for their well-being. People who were all independent before the pandemic are now forced to ask for money, food, help for no fault of their own.

Archana wishes that the lockdown never returns as it will become impossible for her family to survive then.

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