Video Volunteers on ViewChange: Local Stories Go Global

We’re excited that our videos can now be seen on a new platform, called ViewChange. ViewChange is a website created by Link TV, with support from the Gates Foundation, to bring together the best web video related to development issues and the Millennium Development Goals. But it is more than an online video site. The great thing about is the way it collates related content and links. So, for example, when you watch our video about farming on Link TV, it suggests other interesting videos on the site that you should watch.

Right now, only two VV videos are on this player. We hope in future that all our videos will be here, so that as you watch one community video you can see what filmmakers from other countries have found out about this issue.

Link TV is an alternative US media channel and a valued partner of Video Volunteers. We’ve been helping them to develop documentary programs for mainstream Indian TV.

Currently, our videos can be viewed on diverse platforms such as blip tv, youtube,, vimeo, groundreport, facebook. Our attempt has always been to reach out to the widest possible audience with our content and engage with them. The outreach helps generate impacts. For example, a viewer in Mumbai saw on our website our Community Correspondent Daniel’s video about a remote village in Manipur far removed from the nearest doctor and medical store, and contacted an organization working in the area to redress the issue. Within a week, the village received its first supply of medicine.

For these reasons, VV is extremely thrilled to collaborate with We believe and share their vision of harnessing inspiring stories from communities across the world in the attempt to bring about change and reaching out to the largest possible audience.

So check our two videos below on Viewchange, and see how the access to Viewchange’s related content makes the issues come alive and seem more global. We think this is the future of viewing social change video on the web.

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