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Fixing India | VV Correspondents Use Bihar PGRS to Solve Everyday Problems


In this episode, we see how Video Volunteers community correspondents helped villagers use the Bihar Public Grievance Redressal System to file complaints about basic civic issues in their village or community.

The Bihar PGRS law empowers the residents of Bihar to file complaints against 44 public departments of the government. However, lack of general awareness and negotiating through bureaucracy demotivates many who would want to file a complaint. Our Bihar correspondents Pankaj Barnwal and Zafar Equbal helped people from their communities use the PGRS law to solve issues like non-functioning of a local medical sub-centre, starting of old-age pension, fixing the sanitation system of a village to many more.

The Bihar PGRS law and its effective use shows how citizens can use the law themselves to fix their civic issues.


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