Caste Based Violence on Independence Day

"On 15th August we asked you, what independence meant to you. This video, is a telling account of the level of independence many have in India 65 years after India gained Independence. Labels like Caste, gender and religion still guide people's lives, curb their freedom, and impinge on their rights.

Community Correspondent Amarjeet reports from Dandva Baddi Village in Rohtas District, Bihar, in his very first video, on a caste-based skirmish that left 54 injured and one dead. Many have lost all their belongings as their homes turned to ashes in the firing done by the hands of the upper caste community.

Call to Action: Please call the District Officer of Rohtas on 09431632414 and ask him to ensure that justice is brought for the survivors of this atrocity."

Pregnant Women Deliver on Floor As Jharkhand Sub-Centre Has No Beds

/ January 21, 2021

Formal applications to get new beds have been sent thrice to the local administration. But the situation hasn't changed.

Pollution, Large Scale Mining Bringing Death To A Major River In North India

/ January 20, 2021

Ken river in Bundelkhand is one of the several rivers in India dying a slow death.

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