Bleak future: No compensation for labourer who lost limbs on the job

This is a story about negligence. At the young age of 19 Pabitra Lohar's dreams for earning for his family have been cut short after a terrible accident at work left him without 1 leg and 1 hand.
Pabitra had migrated from his village in Odisha to the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh to find employment. After his accident, negligence at the hospital where he was taken for treatment has resulted in him being a double amputee. When he turned to his employer for compensation he once again faced callousness and indifference.

Pabitra has been forced to return home and now faces an uncertain future. Through this video Community Correspondent Abhishek Dash is going to ensure that Pabitra gets compensation from his employer and also gets enlisted on Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme to receive a monthly stipend. And you can ensure he gets these.

CALL TO ACTION: Call Mr. Chandan Majhi, District Labour Officer for Nuapada district, on +91-8763039174, and demand that Pabitra receives the benefits provided by the Indira Gandhi National Disability pension.

This report is from Kuligaon village, in Naupada district of Odisha.

About the VV-Bloomberg Project: This video is a part of a special collaboration between Video Volunteers, a leading community media organisation, & Bloomberg, which is the premier source for global business and financial information. During this special mentoring project, five Bloomberg reporters have become coaches to twelve of VV’s IndiaUnheard Community Correspondents to help them produce videos on a variety of social issues. This is a one of its kind project where Bloomberg coaches, who have several years of experience working in mainstream media are sharing their expertise with trained grassroots journalists currently working to highlight the stories of their media dark villages. Each side is getting refreshing new perspectives making for stronger journalism.

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