Factory pollution choking lives

January 15; Satara, Maharashtra

Village of Golegaon in rural Maharashtra is suffering from the toxin pollutions by a factory unit of Sona Alloys Pvt. Limited. “Flowers don’t bloom on our fruit trees due to the black dust,” says Hirabai Gole, resident of Golegaon. Community Correspondent Rohini Pawar reports on the problems faced by 2000 other villagers due to the industrial waste.

Residents show how the well and water table have been affected by the chemicals. Many have started suffering from respiratory problems and sore throats. But not all members of the community are against the factory. Some influential people, including the Sarpanch is said to have a stake in the revenues generated by Sona Alloys. It is not difficult to imagine why, then, something that is adversely affecting the health of an entire village is still operating.

Rohini will be taking this video to senior district officials and members of the pollution control board and ask them to take action against this. Stay tuned for updates.


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