Uttar Pradesh Self Help Groups Empower Women to Become Financially Independent


Our Community Correspondent Brahmjeet Yadav reports from Dumariyaganj, a small town in Uttar Pradesh's Siddharthnagar district, where several self help groups organised a public program to honor women entrepreneurs, provide new opportunities to budding women entrepreneurs and also to sell their produce at a public fair.

The program was organised by the local administration under the 'Mission Shakti' program initiated by the state government. "Today, I can see the success of the self help group model where a woman turned a Rs. 15,000 loan into a Rs. 3,00,000 lakh profit," said the local MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) Raghavendra Pratap Singh. Tahira Khatoon, a young married woman from the area says she was educated and had skills. Yet she was unable to find a suitable job for her. Today she is employed by the self help group to handle their finances. She was elated with the opportunity when our CC spoke with her.

In the coming videos, we will explore other facets of 'Mission Shakti' and how it has impacted the lives of local women.

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