Bihar Govt Assures Striking Employees of Not Cancelling Their Appointments, Later Backtracks


About 35000 government employees working with Bihar government's General Administration department have gone on strike against plans to cancel their appointments and re-examine them for a post that they have been serving for at least 10 years. The general administration department handles more than 50 government institutions of the Bihar government, including the much lauded Public Grievance Redressal System (PGRS).

Our Community Correspondent Rita Devi from Sheohar, Bihar reports that the workers went on an indefinite strike since 15 March 2021. Before the strike, they carried out a indicative protest on 8 and 9 March and later, continued to work with black armbands. However, when the administration did not listen to them, they went on an indefinite strike from 15 March. "The Executive Assistants of the Bihar government have provided their services during the COVID-19 lockdown as well, managing quarantine centres and ration distribution," said one of the protesting employees.

The protesters say there are plans to merge the entity with the Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation (BELTRON) and the employees are against it as they allege it is a private company.

In a latest development, one of the striking employees who spoke to Video Volunteers said that the Mission Director of the General Administration department of Bihar government assured them that the order to re-appoint them through BELTRON would not be passed. The striking employees suspended their strike on March 28 only to learn that the Mission Director, in his statement to the media, said that the order will be carried out as planned.

In another part of the state in Gaya, about 70 Executive Assistants in General Administrative department were dismissed from service as they were part of the strike. This is clearly a move by the government to silence protesting voices and bulldoze through with their plans.

The protesting employees are regrouping and planning their next move. We will keep you updated of any latest developments.

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