Tribal Students Cry in Vain

Amita Tuti, Community Correspondent, captures the dismal state of (hostel name). The solar panels are used as tables ! The Hostel is falling apart with no water, no electricity, no cook by the govt. etc. No repair work has been taken up since its inception in 2002-03. The low quality materials used to build it gave rise to most of the problems today. A total of 63 lakhs were used in the name of construction of this hostel to house 100 students. Today these students only have 2 functional toilets ! The students feel orphaned.  No one has paid any heed to their complains. They have written applications to Social Welfare Dept, even to the Chief Minister. Call To Action: Call Lalita Minz at 9431905568 and demand repair work at the hostel to be taken up immediately.

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