SUCCESS: Clean water supply made possible in a Mumbai slum

Access to safe water is a daily challenge for a majority of Indians. The worst affected communities are often those from lower socio-economic strata. For instance, in places like Mumbai, the worst effects of water crisis are seen in urban slums. Only those who can afford to pay private contractors or middlemen, can get clean, usable water. Community Correspondent Zulekha reports on the water supply problems in Rahul Nagar, a small slum in the financial capital of India, where 120 squats house about 600 people.

Much of the problems with access to water have been attributed to mal-governance and quite rightly so. In Rahul Nagar, water comes from a pit in the ground. Prabhavati Kamble, who has been living here for more than 20 years, is among hundreds who carry buckets of water to the top of this multi-layered slum. Constant body aches aside, the chances of tripping and falling are abundant too. “A woman recently fractured her hand while carrying buckets,” says Kamble.

Community Correspondent Zulekha, has experienced and documented the breakdown of civic administration in slums across Mumbai. Now seeking to right these wrongs through her camera, Zulekha took this video to the Municipal Committee. They have installed five water taps at Rahul Nagar and more has been promised. Stay tuned for the Impact video, which will follow soon.

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