Slow Response To The Vaccination Drive in Bihar’s Kishanganj District | COVID-19


Rumors and fear about COVID-19 vaccinations continue in Bihar's Kishanganj district. Many believe that blood clotting is a common side effect of taking the COVID vaccine while others believe vaccination to be a conspiracy by the government to kill them or make them sterile.

Our Community Correspondent Shah Faisal spoke to a villager from Belpokhar who had come with his mother to the local vaccination centre. But as the minimum number of people required to open up a vial were not present, he was sent back. People are reluctant to take the vaccine and that is affecting those who want to take the shot.

However, the administration has actioned vacciantion centers in at least 8 panchayats of the district to deliver the dosage to people above 45 years. They are also encouraging people to vaccinate by vaccinating themselves first and serving as an example.

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