Sand Wars on the Yamuna

On the banks of river Yamuna in Allahabad sand extraction is done on a large scale.The first story by Ajeet Bahadur depicts the tension existing between the fishermen and the sand quarry owners.Sand extraction is one of the most important methods of earning a living for the local fishermen. However, the sand quarry owners are now using big machines to extract sand from the river.This has largely affected the income source of many local fishermen, leading to increasing conflict between fishermen and the owners, often backed by the local police.
Impact Story

Celebrations! A tribal Village is Open defection Free now.

/ February 19, 2020

Applauds for our Community Corresspondent Satya Banchor! He acted as a strong catalyst in bringing about this change in the lives of the poor tribals. 

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Remembering Amit Topno, A Fierce Activist, Journalist And Friend

/ January 31, 2020

Amit Topno joined Video Volunteers in 2012, and worked extensively on various community issues without fear! This video is a tribute to Amit's courageous work. 

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