Respect Protect Worship : Nature

5th June 2015 | Gayarmunda Village, Deoghar, Odisha | Dashrathi Behera

For those whose lives are so intricately tied up with the land, rivers and forests of a region, celebrating and worshipping nature is an integral part of their cultures.

While on one hand rampant mining, badly planned dams and industrial projects damage the land and the lives that depend on it, some communities hang on to whatever can be saved.
This video documents the celebration of the Jharan festival by the Munda Tribal community.

"We observe this festival to get adequate water for our land and for the protection of our forests," says Guni Munda an elderly member of the community who says that the festival has been observed for generations past.

Impact Story

Celebrations ! A tribal Village is Open defection Free now.

/ February 19, 2020

Applauds for our Community Corresspondent Satya Banchor! He acted as a strong catalyst in bringing about this change in the lives of the poor tribals. 

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