The Ramshackle School

The primary school in Khutdobara village of Kondagaon district in Chattisgarh is one of the many examples of poor implementation of the Right to Education Act. The building has been in a dilapidated conditions for years. It requires a long list of repairs among which the broken ceiling is a primary concern for the school administration. After every downpour, water collects in every room of the building including the classrooms, staff rooms, kitchen and toilets. They have shifted as many children as they could to the higher secondary block but a lot of them have to study in the corridors or the playground. In an interview with Community Correspondent Khirendra Yadav, the Headmaster expressed grave concern over the matter. Water logging has not only led to infrastructural issues but is also a health hazard for the children. Given that lack of proper medical facilities is not a new phenomenon in rural India, their concerns are legitimate. The lack of action is alarming. The school administration had filed a complaint with the village council 5 years ago. With community pressure, they were able to start the repairs but the council withdrew their support after a while. They documented the issue with photographs and sent a compiled list with written application to the concerned department as well but to no avail. The school remains in a ramshackle condition while the students suffer the agony of ignorance from the authorities. Call to Action : Khirendra requests your help in getting the students their rights. Please call the Block development Officer, Kondagaon district (Chattisgarh) at +91- 07786242001 and ask him to take immediate action.  

Creative ways of learning in Samastipur, Bihar.

/ February 1, 2023

This school in Patori Subdivision in Samastipur District, Bihar, is an example of creative learning.

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