Corruption Chokes The Aged

More than 100 elderly citizens of Maniyar chak, are entitled to receive old age pension. But corruption and ignorance have kept every penny that comes through various pension schemes, slowly choking their chance to survive. Community correspondent Shila Shekh reports from Khandwa village, Munger District in Bihar. Corruption has weakened the very core of India's economy. There is approximately INR 21 lakh crore of 'black money' outflow in India while the undisclosed income measures at INR 8255 crore. These mind boggling figures have been achieved with the generous help of such seemingly small issues that usually remain ignored. There are about 24 crore people in India above the age of 55. The government spends approximately INR 124 monthly on each person above 60. That's roughly 1500 INR yearly on each person. This means the government is spending around INR 36000 crore on old age pensions across the country. Yes, thirty six - thousand - crores. Still wondering why such a seemingly small issue also needs importance? There are over 100 people in a small area called Maniyar Chak in the tiny village of Khandwa in Munger district in Bihar; who are not receiving their pensions. The more you zoom out of the map, the bigger the number gets. If they are not receiving their pensions then where is all the money going? To one of the gatekeepers in the system. In this case, the elderly blame the Village head. They have approached him a number of times about the issue but he continues to say that no funds have been allotted to them. Seems like 'somebody' is lying, right? Please help resolve this and similar issues which seem to be small, but have a huge impact. Several such issues have contributed to the appalling amount of black money in this country. Perhaps several small actions will help fight corruption. Call to Action - Please call Nuzarat Jaha, block development officer, Munger district, Bihar on +91- 943181254 and ask to initiate action.   Figures & Sources : TOI, NDTV, Yahoo Finance

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