Police Detains ASHA Workers in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh | COVID-19


About 500 ASHA workers from 41 districts of Madhya Pradesh assembled in Bhopal, the state capital to protest against the inhuman treatment being meted out to them. However, in a surprise move, the local police decided to detain 29 ASHA-USHA workers and disrupt their peaceful protest.

The move came as a surprise as the ASHAs believed that their meeting with the Director of National Health Mission went well. They were later released and assured by NHM of appropriate action on their demands.

ASHA workers from two major states of India - Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have been on strike for more than a month now. They have been demanding a monthly salary of Rs. 18000 for themselves and Rs. 24000 for their supervisors, insurance from the government to cover medical expenses for themselves and family in case of COVID-19 infection along with 5 other demands.

The Rhythmic Tribal Culture

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