Lockdown Has Made Rickshaw Pullers of West Bengal Homeless | COVID-19


Due to the continuous lockdown, many daily wagers like rickshaw pullers have come on the road. They can't afford to pay rent to their houses when they are not earning anything. On top of that, they pay rent to hire the rickshaw itself.

One of the rickshaw pullers that our Community Correspondent Aparna Dig spoke to said that because of e-rickshaws people prefer to ride with them than hire a cycle rickshaw like theirs. That had anyway reduced the business coming to them. When the lockdown opens, there is no surety that they will be able to earn to sustain a basic lifestyle.

Aparna spoke to an elderly couple who are living under a tree for three months now. They would take shelter in a nearby shop whenever it rained. But otherwise, a huge tree is their abode for now. Ganesh Sahani, the rickshaw puller said he still needs to pay Rs. 20 as the rent of the rickshaw when there is no income. 

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