Physically challenged Kashmiri student’s struggle for dignity

Muneer Ahmad, 16, is a cheerful teenage boy who loves to play cricket, going to school and talking to people. However, unlike other teenage children, Muneer has to struggle through all these activities due to severe physical challenges. "Even though he tries, my son can not walk on his own. I even have to make him bathe and change his clothes," says Yasmeena Begum, Muneer's mother. The teenager commutes to school with the help of crutches because his family, with their meagre earnings, can not afford to buy a wheelchair. With Muneer struggling on crutches, his school uniform gets spoilt, and he reaches school dirty already. 

There are provisions under the scheme for physically challenged people by the state of Jammu and Kashmir for assistance for the purchase of aids and appliances. Even though Muneer's father Ghulam Muhammad Khan has applied for the same, the administration has so far ignored his request. Last year, on Worlds' Disability day hundreds of physically disabled citizens of Kashmir had held a protest in Srinagar, alleging government apathy towards their grievances.

Ghulam appeals for Muneer's dignity saying, "If the government gives Muneer a wheelchair, it will help him get to school without dirtying his clothes. He will be able to get to school clean." Let us help Muneer have a dignified journey to his school. Call the Additional Secretary to Government, Mr Muhammad Yaseen at +91-9419014450 to build pressure and help Muneer get his wheelchair.


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