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Physically challenged Kashmiri student’s struggle for dignity

/ May 26, 2016

Muneer Ahmad, 16, is a cheerful teenage boy who loves to play cricket, going to school and talking to people. However, unlike other teenage children, Muneer has to struggle through all these activities due to severe physical challenges. “Even though he tries, my son can not walk on his own....

Broken Arms But Not Broken Wings

/ January 2, 2012

Born without arms Madanlal lives and dreams like any other.

New Life for Disabled Transgender

/ May 31, 2011

26-year-old Kiran starts a new life in Bangalore after fleeing discrimination in her village in Andhra Pradesh.

Woman Wheels Her Way To Success

/ October 29, 2010

Woman with Muscular Dystrophy is a successful entrepreneur providing support to young victims of the disease.

Childhood Confined To Four Walls

/ October 18, 2010

59 children in a government-run orphanage in India’s Allahabad await a new home and a better life.