No ration reaches the border

Bhadal village has not received ration since past 5 months. This problem has persisted for years. Villagers often have to finally resort to pleading to the District Collector, for which they have to travel 80 KMs. Damaged crops due to low rainfall have worsened the situation this year. The community has already met the DC and Food Officer multiple times during the course of this dry spell and simply demand ration to be distributed immediately.

Community correspondent Pawan Solanki echoes the demand of the community and has made this video to garner further support for his cause of resolving the community's ration issue. As Pawan leads the campaign on-ground, people from around the world are messaging and calling the District Collector of Barwani, Ravindra Singh on +91-9826048793 in support of his cause. Join Pawan in ensuring that the community at Bhadal gets ration immediately.


Pawan Solanki reports from Bhadal, Barwani for IndiaUnheard

This video was made by a Video Volunteers Community Correspondent Pawan Solanki. Community Correspondents come from marginalised communities in India and produce videos on unreported stories. These stories are ’news by those who live it.’ They give the hyperlocal context to global human rights and development challenges. See more videos from Pawan here. Take action for a more just global media by sharing their videos and joining in their call for change.

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