I’ll set up your electricity connection, but won’t provide you with electricity

In accordance with the Rajeev Gandhi Rural Electrification Scheme, Below Poverty Line (BPL) families should receive free electricity from the Government.  However residents of Singhjhor village, though connected to the electricity supply are not receiving electricity. 


Call to Action:  Residents need you support to put pressure on the Site Residential Manager so that he provides electricity to Singhjhor.


Mr.Basant Kumar Behere, Site Residential Manager, National Thermal Power Corporation, Nuapada district, Odisha, Tel: +916678221289.


VV-Correspondent Abhisek Das reports from Singhjhor village, Nuapada district, Odisha where residents such as Manoj Baitharu have been deprived of electricity.  250 BPL cardholders have been affected. 


“Our houses were electrified.  But electric connection has not yet been provided from the main line.”


Two years ago the village was given an electricity connection but since then no measures have been taken to allow residents to get the electricity they deserve.  School children areunable to study properly.  Residents are not receiving outside communication via the TV news.  Finally and perhaps more importantly, the water pump that works on electricity it not powered up and so not getting water.  Altogether, 5000 people are affected.


However, lets not despair.  In a similar video SunitaKasera our Community Correspondent has shown the positive impact electricity can have for villagers in Dughati, Rajasthan.  Their lives lit up with the coming of electricity in their village.  Thus you too can help make a positive impact for these residents.


Today, you can transform the life for the residents of Singhjhor Villageto get the electricity in their community.  See their lives light up.  Call the above number NOW! 


Watch more videos like this by clicking on this link.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu

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