Outrage! Government farm which doesn’t pay its employees

“As a daily wage labourer she has to be paid her wages by the end of every week.”But due to the negligence of the farm workers Boiti Pradhan has not been receiving her wages for the last three months.  The most shocking thing is that she works for a Government Farm.  90 others like her are affected. 


Call to Action:  Put an end to this exploitation now!  Pressure the Superintendent of the farm to provide the labourers like Boiti Pradhan their wages now!  Your voice will bring them the money they have earnt and are entitled to. 


Mr. Mayadhar Pradhan, Superintendent, Kuliposhi farm, Sundargarh district, Odisha, Tel: +918895531373. 


VV-Correspondent Purnachandra Nayak interviews Boiti Pradhan fromKuliposh Government Farm Bandhaberna village, Lahunipada, Sundargarh district, Odisha. 


Boiti Pradhan has been working at the Kuliposh Government farm since she was a child.  However, for the last three months she and 90 other daily wage labourers have not been receiving their wages.  Though this scenario is a new occurrence, the farm is notorious of paying its workers late throughout its history. 


“We said to him that we wont do any work until our wages are paid.”


You can imagine how hard it must be to manage family expenses being a day labourer, living under the line of poverty.  You would expect the government to understand their predicament.  But this is not the case.  Your pressure is needed to force the Superintendent to do his job of providing employers the wage they have worked for.  Stop this injustice now! Call to Action.


We can help retrieve the wages for these labourers now.  Our VV-PACS Correspondent Ramsakhi Ahirwar is a pioneer in bringing workers their rightful wage as outlined in one of her videoshere.


Similar videos are shown here.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu

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