No facilities to learn

The Right to Education Act 2010 ensures that schools provide basic facilities relating to education such as an adequate number of teachers, midday meals, drinking water and toilets.  Not too much to ask right?  Wrong.  Welcome to overpopulated, corrupt India.  This is a scenario repeatedly reported by our VV-Correspondents.  However, change is possible, and with your contribution we have enabled children to access the very facilities they are mean to have.  There is hope!  And you are it!


Call to Action:  Help the students of New Primary School, Lakhpur village access the basic facilities they are entitled too now! 


D.N. Jhaa, District Education Officer, Jamui District, Bihar, Tel: +919006763579.


VV-Correspondent Ashok Paswan reports from New Primary School, Lakhpur village, Kakan block, Jamui district, Bihar. Despite being open since 2007, the school lacks most of the basic facilities listed above. 


Pravin Kumar discloses the difficulties of studying at the school.  He tells Askhok Paswan that there is no real classroom which means students have to study in one community hall.  As there is no water hand pump, students have access to no drinking water.  If they need to relieve themselves they have to go to the field or side of the building as there are no toilets constructed. The school has no kitchen and thus the midday meal is prepared in someone else’s house.


Shailesh Kumar, a teacher at the school informs our Correspondent, “Right now this school is functioning inside a community hall, so we and the students have to face many difficulties learning here.”


Having spoken to our Correspondent we learn that teachers, parents and students have repeatedly complained to the District Education Officer and nothing has been done.  That is why they need your external support to pressurise him to act now!


All is not lost.  We can turn this dire situation around.  In a previous video Community Correspondent Vrinda Azad has demonstrated how your call for action helped to bring Jairamnagar Primary School in Bilaspur District, Chhattisgarh a hand pump.  Thus your contribution does make a difference. 


You can make a change.   Help the children from New Primary School, Lakhpur village, Bihar receive access to all the facilities they are entitled to NOW!  Call to action!


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Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu

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