420 students 2 teachers

420 students 2 teachers.  Only Maths and English taught 2 hours a day.  Students do the jobs of teachers and have to teach themselves at home.  This is the reality for Kanku Bai National High School students.


Call to Action:  You can help change this.  Call the number below and make the District Education Officer appointteachers immediately and help these students receive a proper education now!


District Education Officer, Dhanbad, Tel +919431066796


VV-Correspondent Bharti reports from Kanku Bai National High School, Mahuda, Chhatrutanr village, Baghmara block, Dhanbad district, Jharkhand where 420 students share 2 teachers. 


Mala Kumari, a student explains, “We should be taught 8 hours a day in the school but we only get 2 hours a day.”


She tells our Correspondent Bharti Kumaithat sometimesthey only get 1 hour of teaching as the teachers have meetings to attend. 


The Principle Dinesh Das describes the difficulties, “But there are other subjects too like Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Science, Chemistry and Biology.  So, classes of these subjects are not being taught.”


Students are having to do the work of the teachers.  They have to ring the school bell, conduct assemblies and invigilate during exams.  This is wrong.  It needs to stop.  You can help.


In a previous video VV-Correspondent Mamata Patra managed to have more teachers hired in the Satsama High School in Sambhalpur district, Odisha.  This shows how community journalism with your support can bring change in the lives of communities.  We can rectify wrongs. 


Help the children Kanku Bai National High School get the education they deserve.  Call to Action now!


More videos can be found here.

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