Corruption Denies the Poor Access to Government Schemes – Munger, Bihar

Around 100 families do not have BPL or APL cards in Ithari village of Munger district in Bihar. Below Poverty Line (BPL) cards are issued by the Indian Government to people who are financially very weak. Having these cards means that family can buy basic commodities at subsidised rates from the government-run shops as rations.

These families cannot buy food at subsidised prices as they do not haveBPL ration cards. Most of them do not even have job cards and earn bare minimum to feed their families daily. 

When they went to the Village Head for getting the cards made, he asked them to pay a bribe of Rs. 1000- Rs.1500 to get the job done. Only those who were able to pay up got their BPL cards while others are still surviving with little or no money. More than 4.2 million families in Bihar were not getting the benefit of the Public Distribution System due to lack of ration cards, as per statistics from 2012.

Community Correspondent Sheila Sheikh wants these deserving families to get ration cards and job cards so that their financial situation is improved.

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