Gang Rape in return for love: caste-based violence

An upper caste boy raped a girl and her mother, along with other 4 men. The girl belonged to lower caste and was not allowed to be involved in a relationship with someone belonging to the upper caste. So, they broke in the girl’s home late at night and started beating her and her mother and then brutally gang-raped them. The girl and her mother tried committing suicide after this heinous crime against them but the neighbours saved them.

”Sexual violence against Dalit women is a systemic way of enforcing status quo of the Dalits” quotes the Status report of the working group on Human rights in India and the UN, 2012. Despite the fact that in India, the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act bars violence against Dalits , dalit women have been main targets of caste-based rape and violence for over centuries.

This video by Mani Manickem highlights the plight of lower caste women who are disabled twice: by virtue of being a woman and for being born in a lower caste.

The Woes of Musahar Community

/ October 11, 2022

This video shows a Musahar community of Bhadohi District, Uttar Pradesh. They were settled next to a forest, away from the town area, because of their ‘untouchable’ status. Community Correspondent Anil Kumar here reported a heart wrenching story of a young boy picked up by a wolf from the nearby...

Families in Bihar Living Under Extreme Stress of being Forcibly Evicted

/ May 9, 2022

In the Katihar district of Bihar state, 60 families are staying in shanties next to the State Highway. But they have to be relocated, because of the Highway expansion project, and that is the issue.

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