A health centre without doctors

January 29; Girdih, Jharkhand

The sole health centre in the village of Nowdiha doesn’t have even a single doctor. The villagers have to travel 50 kilometres for treatment, to a different village altogether. Though the centre has been operationally active for the past 20 years, only 2 staff members show up occasionally to run a polio-vaccination program. Deliveries are still carried out by local, untrained women. When the health worker was asked about the conditions, he said, “The officers know everything, there is nothing else that I can say.” Community Correspondent Beena Bharti reports.
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Remembering Amit Topno, A Fierce Activist, Journalist And Friend

/ January 31, 2020

Amit Topno joined Video Volunteers in 2012, and worked extensively on various community issues without fear! This video is a tribute to Amit's courageous work. 

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How Healthy is Indian Healthcare, Do You Know? I India Loud & Clear I EP...

/ January 16, 2020

Lack of adequate infrastructure, absent health workers, poor quality of drugs and non-avalalibility of medicines,  are taking toll on India's public health system. 

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