1 Hand Pump / 2000 Residents : Water Scarcity

18th March | Jalamkata Village, Nuapada District, Odisha | Abhishek Kumar Dash

2000 people living in this village are dependant on a single hand pump for water. A resident Sunaphula Naik explains how women queue up for hours on end waiting their turn, “Our children may be asking for food at home, but we have to stand here in line.”

Access to potable water continues to be a challenge for a significant chunk of population in India. According to data collected by the National Sample Survey Organisation in 2012, over 800 families out of 1000 did not have access to clean water all year round.

Call to Action: Please Call the Executive Engineer of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department on +91 9437188410 and ask him to increase the number of hand pumps in Jalamkata Village.
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