Woman Wheels Her Way To Success

Woman with Muscular Dystrophy is a successful entrepreneur providing support to young victims of the disease. Pratibha Rolta, our correspondent from Himachal Pradesh is very committed to putting women in focus through her videos, especially those women who have brought a positive change in the community. In this video Pratibha highlights the story of one such woman called Sanjana who has Muscular dystrophy (MD) - a genetic disorder that has left her paralyzed below waist. But despite her physical handicap, Sanjana has become a successful entrepreneur who owns a design boutique. She has also established the first Muscular Dystrophy counseling center in her state where she provides support and livelihood training to youth suffering from MD. Muscular dystrophy is a hereditary disorder which slowly causes muscle fibers to weaken and break down. The symptoms are general weakness of muscles on hands, and face. Later it causes stammering, slowness and gradual numbness of body organs. There is no cure for MD, but drug treatment for symptoms, therapy, and assistive technology can make a huge difference for a person with the condition. Sanjana developed MD in her teenage and was quick to realize what was happening to her because two of her brothers had the same disorder. So, instead of feeling frustrated or hopeless, she researched a lot about the disease and learned that though MD causes paralysis, it is not a fatal disease. This knowledge gave Sanjana courage to live a good life, despite the physical difficulties caused by her disease. So, a determined Sanjana went to university, earned a masters degree and started her own business of fashion designing. Once she gained financial independence, Sanjana started her support group for other MD patients. According to Muscular Dystrophy India, an organization that researches, monitors and provides information on Muscular dystrophy, about a quarter million people in India today suffer from the disease. Pratibha says that for all of these people Sanjana can be an inspiration. Especially for those women who suffer from MD, Sanjana provides training in vocations that can help them earn a living. So young women MD patients can learn how to be beauticians or hairstylists or designers and become entrepreneurs. Pratibha first met Sanjana during one of her previous videos which highlighted the sporting talent of physically challenged children of Solan. She found Sanjana very motivating and decided to do a video on her achievement. According to Pratibha, Sanjana’s livelihood training is a great way to help physically challenged women overcome self-pity and stigma that they face in the community. If you have a relative or a friend who has symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy and would like to get help/advice, you can contact Sanjana at this address: Ms. Sanjana Goel: President, Indian Association of Muscular Dystrophy, C/O M/s Stitch-n-Style, Hospital Road, Solan. Distt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh

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