We Couldn't Have Done It Without You: Our Keys Stats & Numbers as on 11th October, 2012


100 Community Correspondents.

23 States.

81 districts.

Around 800 Published Community Videos.

Approximately 50 hours of never before heard grassroots Voices from Across the Country.

Heard by over a million people online

Seen by more than 300,000 people in live outdoor screenings in slums and villages

17,000 villagers and slumdwellers have taken concrete action towards social change after seeing our films

Bringing direct benefit to more than 600,000 people

600 women farm labourers in rural Maharashtra began receiving equal pay after years of gender discrimination in wages

Over 1000 children in rural Jharkhand have started receiving better quality education

40 fluorosis victims in Rural Gujarat have started getting regular treatment

8 villages in Rajasthan have shifted to organic farming practices after watching a video.

Schools have been built for children of migrant workers in Haryana.

Over 200 families have started receiving their rations on time.

A video succeeds in bringing to light and ending 2000 year of untouchability practices in a Rajasthan village.

In 7 days, a video on 2 teachers in Rural Jharkhand who were working unpaid for 4 years got them compensation of Rs. 90, 000/- each. Today they are receiving their monthly wages.

You saw our video on the 2 teachers in rural Jharkhand. You made 800 calls in less then 2 days to the DC of HazariBaug.

We Couldn’t Do It Without You!

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