No Water, What a Shame!

The Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to each and every family in rural areas.  However, due to corruption and malpractice reality is far from this.  Residents of Gadagada Bahal Panchayat have been waiting for over 2 years for water.  Added to this the Minister of Finance inaugurated the whole project before completion giving the contractors no reason to finish it.  What a disgusting shame! 


Call to Action:  All is not lost.  You can help put pressure on the authorities and make sure this project is completed. Call:


Chittaranjan Shahoo, Sub-Divisional Officer, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Rairakhol block, Sambalpur district, Odisha, Tel: +918895630059.


VV-Correspondent Mamta Patra reports from Gadagada Bahal panchayat, Rairakhol block, Sambalpur district, Odisha where residents have not had water supply for two years.  The pipeline was installed but water was not activated.  The project was stopped before its completion and has been idle for past 2 yrs.  It causes a lot of issues for women especially during the summer, when they have to walk far to fetch water and use limited water supplies like wells.

Arjun Sethi, a resident informed our Correspondent, “Our Minister of Finance, Mr. Prasanna Acharay came and inaugurated the project…During that time there was no supply of water.”

After calling our Correspondent we discovered that residents repeatedly complained to the village head without success.  That is why we need your help to put pressure on the Sub-Divisional Officer in charge of this project.

Don’t despair, in a previous video Community Correspondent Dasarathi Behera has demonstrated how video activism helped bring Makdiasahi village in Deogarh, Odisha a hand pump.  With your support such positive impact can be guaranteed communities all over India.  Support VV-Correspondents.


You can make a change.   Help the residents of Gadagada Bahal panchayat, receive clean and safe drinking water NOW! 


Watch more videos like this by clicking on this link.


Check out the Rural Development Department website for Odisha here for more information on this scheme.


Written by Manjinder Singh Sidhu

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