Villagers in Malda forced to drink arsenic contaminated water

Sariapukur village is in Uttar Dariyapur, and comes under Kaliachak police station of Malda district, West Bengal. Villagers drank water from the pipeline, and about 100 people are covered in sores because of arsenic contamination. These people have been suffering for 6-7 months now, because of the negligence of their panchayat.


-What is the biggest problem in your village?
-Water is a big problem in our village. We have to bring water from very far away. We have to go through water, mud, everything, to just bring water. The entire village is suffering, after drinking water from here. Everyone has sores, which are very painful.
-How long has this problem been together?
-For 5-6 months; actually, it's been on longer. It wasn't so bad earlier. A few people were affected. But in last 5-6 months, it's just been getting worse.
-How many people are suffering from this problem?
-At least 100 people.

In order to fill drinking water, the villagers are compelled to stand in dirty, knee-deep water. After drinking this water, they have developed sores on their body. When I spoke to the panchayat president about this, she claimed she didn't know anything about it. However, she said that now that she is aware of the issue, she would make arrangements to tackle it.

I request all the viewers to please call Panchayat President on +91-7602796166 and urge her to ensure free and arsenic-free water.


I am Soriya Banu reporting from Maiga, West Bengal for IndiaUnheard.

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