Villagers Exasperated Without Electricity

Mustak Ansar, a resident of Kanjsore vilage, Madhupur block, Jharkhand hopes that one day his children will be able to study by the light of an electric bulb. This hope, eludes him at the moment. Community Correspondent Mukesh Rajak documents the problems of this village in this video and hopes to use it to bring the matter to attention.

In 2007 a private company was given the task of installing the required infrastructure in Kanjsore. 6 years later a pole is the only remnant of this mission. Ansar with other members of his community has written multiple applications to the electricity board asking for the electrification work in his village to be completed. He says,

"All the other villages in a kilometre's radius have electricity. Ours is the only one that doesn't."

The lack of electricity results not only in the small hassles that come with the dark of the night but also larger issues pertaining to livelihoods. In this case it is their inability to use machines for farming tasks.

"A woman interviewee felt that many people in the village would not feel the need to migrate to cities if they could use machines while farming, making their production time and cost effective. I really wanted to include her voice but I lost that footage when my camera crashed", Mukesh explains.

While filming the video Mukesh got in touch with the Assistant Engineer who is responsible at the block level.

"The work was left incomplete and now the electricity board has restarted the work. This village is on the list. As soon as the material arrives we'll start the work", says Pramod Kumar Gupta.

Mukesh says:

"Though the engineer's promise gives hope to the situation we have to remember that he can only carry out the work when the authorities above him act. I want the General Manager of Deogarh District to take action on the matter."

Call to Action: Please call Mr PR Ranjan the General Manager of Deogarh District and ask him to ensure that electrification work in Kanjsore is completed.

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