Videoactivist Stops Dumping of Animal Carcass into ‘Dalit’ Well

Casteists troublemakers in a village in Gujarat were dumping animal carcasses in the so-called 'dalit' well in Mota Timbla village in Limbadi District. Because of caste barriers and oppression, this was the only drinking water well for the dalit families in the village. IndiaUnheard Community Correspondent Bipin Solanki, a Dalit himself, used his camera to document the mischief. He gathered his community and they registered a complaint with the concerned authorities. The well has now been cleaned. An official inquiry has been set-up to investigate the incident.
Community Survey

Bihar Labourers Walking Back Home From West Bengal

/ June 5, 2020

A group of migrant labourers working in West Bengal have decided to walk their way to home in Bihar.

Farmers Crop Spoiled, Income of Whole Year is At Risk

/ June 4, 2020

Farmers in Maharashtra's Aadachiwadi village are unable to sell their produce due to the lockdown.

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