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Video Volunteers Initiates ‘Desh ki ASHA’, a Campaign for ASHA Workers Rights

Video Volunteers has initiated 'Desh ki ASHA' a comprehensive digital media campaign to spread awareness about the terrible conditions in which ASHAs - India's frontline health workers function. ASHAs have been a vital link in India's healthcare system, especially for mother and child care in rural areas of the country. In the pandemic, they have been given additional duties to screen COVID patients, coordinate vaccination programs, and talk to communities to safeguard against COVID-19.

More than 9,00,000 ASHA workers have been at the forefront of this pandemic to keep communities safe, with a performance-based incentive as low as Rs. 32 per day. Moreover, in a majority of cases, none have been provided with any safety equipment like masks, face shields, gloves, or PPE kits. Even life insurance has been taken away in certain cases. 44 ASHA workers have already died as a result of contracting a COVID-19 infection and many continue to face a high degree of risk. However, the government is yet to move to regularise them and grant them respectable wages for their work.

Join us in this campaign from 10 Sept - 2 Oct to raise your voice for the welfare of ASHA workers.

WATCH: Why are ASHAs demanding better wages and safety equipment?

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