This Postman is Off Duty

The Indian Postal Service operates through a network of 1,54,866 post offices spread out through the vast geography of India. Of these 89% are in rural areas. The operation is a mind-bogging one which involves, coding, sorting and packaging at various levels to ensure that each letter or package reaches its destination safely.

Each cog in this giant wheel of communication is an important one, one slip and it's all gone. Community Correspondent Xavier Hamsay from Murhu Village, Jharkhand reports of one such errant cog making the lives of the people in the village very difficult.

Joseph Purty is the postman of the Sub-post office of the Murhu village. On most days, he comes in to work late and often after having a morning drink. The people who depend on him to bring in their post are fed up as he never delivers things on time.

"When I went in to take a look at the situation at the post office, I found letter that were eaten by termites. They must have been there for at least six months," says Xavier.

Lambora Hapadagra is one resident of the village who has continually been disappointed by Joseph's inefficient ways. He says:

"When I apply for jobs or exams, I use this post office as an adress. There have been many instances in the past where I haven't received crucial letters on time. There are many like me who depend on him."

Call to Action: Please call the Central Post Inspector, Khunti District on 06528-220529 and ask him to look into the matter immediately.





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