3 dalit youth killed by police : Another Godhra in its making

3 Dalit youth were killed during carnival festival in Thangarh, Gujrat by police authorities. The reason being a small fight between  Dalit youth and people belonging to the upper caste.

 After this incident, the police Sub-Inspector K.P.Jadeja made an appearance with some of his juniors in the force. Without provocation, they began to fire into the crowd. 16 year old Pankaj Sumra was shot in the neck. The crowd dispersed and the Dalits tried to rush the kid's body to the nearby hospital. But the police refused to let them through. Instead, they rounded up some of the youth and put them in lock up. Pankaj was taken to the hospital where he succumbed and breathed his last.
The news of Pankaj's death provoked the sentiments of the Dalit communities in the neighborhood. In the encounters that followed, bullets took the lives of 17 year old Mehul and 26 year old Prakash.

Godhra has already left an uncomfortable past of communal riots in Gujarat. The town of Thangadh  seems to be headed in the same direction. Vibrant Gujarat is all about the brighter future and development. But Justice and Human Rights don't look like they stand a chance there. Nor do Dalits like  Pankaj, Mehul, Prakash and their families. 

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