Tag: Gunjan Singh

Social Media Ambassador For Change

/ April 8, 2013

Promotion Share link to job on VV social media platforms Post job announcement on job/volunteering sites Ask like-minded individuals/orgs to send out to their networks Send to universities with journalism, non-profit management, communications, community media etc. programs—ask professors and administrators to help spread the word Send to the 10,000 people...

Drug Traps Lucknow Youth

/ March 16, 2011

Poor and uneducated youths of Lucknow fall prey to drug addiction as illegal drug sale thrives in the city.

Blast Threatens Ghat Livelihoods

/ January 31, 2011

Small businesses on the Varanasi ghats threatened eviction in the name of security.

Prostitution Enforced By Tradition

/ September 30, 2010

Generations of women are forced into prostitution by their male relatives in the name of tradition in rural Uttar Pradesh, India