School at the Risk of Collapsing due to Mine Blasting

/ January 17, 2017

A regular class in Kujuma Government School is interrupted with a deafening blast. The walls shook and the ceiling threatened to fall down. But in five minutes later, it was a usual business for the 40-50 children studying in the government primary school. This is not a warzone, this is...

Living Near Hell; How Coking Coal is Choking Jharia

/ March 26, 2015

26th March | Madra Panchayat, Jharia Block, Dhanbad District, Jharkhand | Bharti Kumari The operations of Bharat Coking Coal Limited, in Jharia Block, have destroyed most signs of a once normal life. Everything is now shrouded under a sick smoke emitting from the coal fires burning in mines underground and...