Skewed Student Teacher Ratio

Community correspondent Abhishek Das reports on skewed student teacher ratio of Jadamunda village's upgraded high school. Jadamunda is located in the Komna block of Nuapada district, Odisha towards the east west border of the district. 279 Students from class 1st to class 8th study here who are managed by only 5 teachers. There is no permanent Headmaster at the school which also causes problems of varying magnitude to the staff and more importantly the children. According to the Right to education act, there should be 1 teacher per 30 students as per which this school should at-least have 10 teachers. Imagine having to work not just a double shift but also someone else's job. Now imaging doing that daily. That's how the teachers in this school should feel but they continue to show tremendous dedication towards building a better future for the students. But for how long, who knows? Call To Action : CC Abhishek requests all viewers to call the District Education Officer, Mr. Panda at +91- 9437149271 and pressurize him to appoint more teachers in the school.

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