Shuloni Fair
A Joyous Event

The Shuloni fair of Solan is an event that promotes harmony among people of various communities in Solan, Himachal Pradesh There is something unique about every festival in Himachal Pradesh: A procession that goes around the whole town, giving a chance to every resident to participate in the festival. The Shuloni fair of Solan, the hometown of our correspondent Pratibha Rolta also has the same characteristic which promotes harmony and love in the local community. Solan is one of the largest towns of Himachal Pradesh. Solan was named after Shuloni– one of the many reincarnations of mother goddess. A beautiful temple, dedicated to the goddess stands at the nearby village named Solan Gaon which attracts a lot of devoteesfrom near and far. During the 3-day Shuloni fair a procession of the goddess goes through entire town, providing a rare chance for people of  all walks of the society to be the part of it. The fair is held in the last week of June for three days at the central Thodo ground. Though primarily a religious event, the fair however has plenty to entertain everyone including curious tourists. These include art and craft exhibitions, cultural performances, free lunch and even sports contests. As a result thousands visit the fair which also help boost local economy during the event. According to Pratibha, the Shuloni fair gives people outside Solan a chance to about the culture and life of mountain people which is otherwise considered mystic. It also breaks the barrier between people of various segments and help them be part of a single celebration.

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