Secondary schools in Bihar: Still a long road ahead

As we kick off “Pass Ya Fail“, our campaign on Right to Education in India, this week we bring you compelling evidence on the lack of access to education in the country.

The word ‘school’ evokes images of children in uniform sitting in a class room, a teacher addressing them, writing early lessons of life on a blackboard. But in Bihar’s Gandhigram village, Barari block this is a distant dream.

VV-PACS Community Correspondent Navita from Katihar district reports on the grim reality in her village.

The Secondary education scenario is in a bad shape due to lack of infrastructure and teachers. This has been the primary reason for children dropping out from school, especially girls. Unable to travel to far-off places for education due to security or financial concerns, it is the children of Gandhigram village who are paying a price for the administrations’ shortcomings.

This video is a great example of the ground level impact our campaign “Pass ya Fail” can bring. A month after Navita made this video, the construction of a Secondary school in Gandhiram started.

About the Partnership: The Poorest Areas Civil Society (PACS) Programme and Video Volunteers have come together to create the Community Correspondents Network. The videos generated by the network will be able to highlight voices from the margins, providing skills to social communicators to provide advocacy tools to community based organisations.


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