Rural Gujarat Protests for Right to Water

Gujarat villagers speak out against govt. apathy.

The villages of Gujarat has taken to the streets. Villagers are tired of their appeals to look into and solve their issues of severe water shortage being overlooked by the authorities. Their anger and discontent have caused them to blockade government offices and demand their right to water.

Community Correspondent Ganesh Bhai documents the struggle by the villagers of Nijar in Southern Gujarat. The villagers explain their waters woes – Not enough water for basic needs, lack fo water for cattle and field, having to walk long distances for their supply of water, the lack of and flawed infrastructure and the difficulty of living even a modest life in the shadow of a water crisis.

Nijar is in the south of Gujarat- an area that receives adequate rainfall unlike the arid North. People are suggesting wells and even alternatives like water harvesting. The people are ready to support any scheme or plan proposed by the government that can get them access to water.

But so far, instead of action the government has responded with apathy.

Call to Action: Community Correspondent Ganesh Asks the viewers of his video to call Mr.Mukesh ,Sanitation and Water Works Department on 09978406651 and ask them to look into the problems of Nijar village and take immediate actions to solve the water crisis.

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