Widow Pension Fails to Reach the Needy

Jharkhand Widow’s pension discontinued without reason

About the Video: Kairi Hamsay is a woman struggling to keep ends together. She has lost her husband. Her eldest son is unemployed. Her daughters have married and moved away. She has no source of sustainable income that she can reply on. She farms a little on the small patch of land that she owns. She gathers mahua flowers and sells it in the village market. 

As a widow, under the Department of Rural Development’s Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme she should be receiving Rs. 400/- a month. The amount is barely sufficient but for women like Kairi, every rupee goes a long way. She would worry a little less. Life would be a little easier. 

She is among the estimated approx. 2 lakh widows in Jharkhand whom the scheme is supposed to benefit. She received her pension for around 2 to 3 months after which it was discontinued without a reason. She has repeatedly approached the authorities but she never received her pension again. She never found out the reason why she stopped receiving the payment.    

This year, a total of little more than Rs. 2837 lakhs is available with the Govt. under the scheme. Kairi worries that she will not see a single paisa. 

Call to Action: Community Correspondent Xavier Hamsay who produced the video on Kairi’s struggle to get her pension asks the viewers to support her fight. He asks the viewers to call District Collector K. Srinivasan on 09472710699 and demand that they look into Kairi’s case without further delay. She should not only start getting the monthly pension but also receive the arrears in compensation. 

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